Ingen siger farvel, men alle forsvinder (2019)

22-year-old Jeppe is suffering from autism and works in a camping shop in his birth town Silkeborg. Everything seems chaos when a colleague suddenly decides to change all the systems in the shop. But when the city girl Mynthe and her two girlfriends check into the camping site, Jeppe cannot concentrate on anything else but the fascination of this strange girl. Mynthe is on vacation – away from her mother and an unstable life. When she meets Jeppe at a summer party, she somehow finds the stability she has longed for. They fall in love with each other’s differences with ties so close that Jeppe begins to fear the day the holiday is over and Mynthe has to go back to Copenhagen. Keeping the love between the two youngsters seems impossible – until Jeppe realizes that Mynthe may need him more than he needs her.

Director:Jonas Risvig

DOP: Jonas Blond

Colorist: Kristopher Paterson

Functions: Conform, Color Grade, Mastering.