Malou’s Christmas (2020)

The Danish Christmas film ‘Malous Jul’ is about Malou, a rootless and maladapted teenager who, after going through a lot of foster families, ends up in a new foster family on the small island of Lunø. The little family loves Christmas and has decorated more than abundantly. Malou hates both Christmas and the island, so when she meets the sour farm elf Nils, who wants everything to be just as usual, the two try to get Malou thrown away from the island. They make a pixie oath, which means that Malou has to make so much trouble that the spacious family sends her home from the island.

Director:Claus Bjerre
DOP: Martin Top Jacobsen
Colorist: Kristopher Paterson

Functions: Conform, Color Grade, Mastering.


People who has been involved in this project: